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Lactobacillus LB

Pharmabiotic Microbiome Modulator

Proven efficacy, without the survivability or shelf life challenges of a probiotic. Our heat-stabilized pharmabiotic is the perfect choice for a wide range of product forms and processing conditions.

Microbiome technology

How it works

A “Pharmabiotic” is defined as bacterial cells of human origin with a proven role in health or disease. Our proprietary combination of Lactobacillus bacteria were isolated over 100 years ago and have a proven efficacy and safety profile in infants, adults, and animals.

Our heat-stabilized bacterial cells are able to reach the gut and adhere to the mucosal wall where they boost natural defenses and trigger a re-balancing of gut bacteria through multiple mechanisms of action including barrier effects, competitive inhibition, and immune-stimulation.

Key advantages

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