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Customized Release Technology

Control drug delivery and optimize release profiles with a sophisticated multiparticulate system. Diffucaps® incorporate release-controlling polymers or protective coatings onto drug-layered cores, granules, or crystals with one or more drugs.

Examples of customized release particles

How it works

One or more functional polymer membranes are applied to a drug core (granulated or layered onto a neutral surface) through either aqueous or organic solvent-based drug solutions or suspensions. This results in a small, multi-layered bead.

Diffucaps® solubility-modulation technology can be used to customize the release profile of drugs demonstrating solubility profiles at physiological pHs. Depending on drug pH levels of solubility, either an organic acid or an alkaline buffer layer is incorporated to create an optimal pH. The organic acid layer is placed underneath the drug layer, while the alkaline buffer is placed over the drug layer. Either is coated with one or more functional polymers to ensure that the individual layers are not depleted until release of the drug is complete.

Key advantages

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