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Partnering With Us

Adare Pharmaceuticals recognizes the value of forming strategic partnerships with pharmaceutical companies around the world.

Each partnership is unique and we strive to nurture these relationships in the following ways:

  • Internal partnership support systems designed to ensure that your objectives are achieved
  • Product development approach that is adaptable and works in synergy with our partners’ development protocols
  • Commercial outlook that is based on risk sharing and value creation for all stakeholders

Our track record speaks for itself. Since 2009, our partnerships have resulted in over 60 product launches in 44 countries.

Adare has a diverse portfolio of Rx and OTC products available for out-licensing that use our proprietary drug delivery technologies, creating new formulations for products with proven patient benefits. Learn more about our products for out-licensing here.

We are confident in our ability to make our partnerships successful. Contact us to discuss strategic partnership opportunities for in-licensing, out-licensing, and product development.