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Pharmaceutical Technologies

Transformative opportunities in
pharmaceutical technologySM

Adare Pharmaceuticals delivers transformative opportunities in pharmaceutical technology.

With proven proprietary technologies, Adare transforms medicines tailored to the needs of the evolving global healthcare market—creating value for patients and partners.

Adare can help you overcome formulation challenges and add valuable IP to commercialized products and products in development. Over 40 products incorporating the proprietary technologies of Adare have been commercialized around the world.

Product Out-Licensing Opportunities

Adare has a diverse portfolio of Rx and OTC products available for out-licensing that use our proprietary drug delivery technologies, creating new formulations for products with proven patient benefits. Learn more about our products for out-licensing here.

Technology Platforms

Taste Masking and ODTs: Technologies to improve taste and provide alternative dosage forms

Customized Drug Release: Technologies to optimize therapeutic performance

Bioavailability Enhancement: Technologies to improve solubility

Our Capabilities

To learn more about our proprietary technologies and products available for out-licensing, please select from the languages below to download a PDF.