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Bioavailability Enhancement

Biorise™ Bioavailability Enhancement Technology

This technology creates new physical entities (NPEs) with better solubility profiles. These NPEs are produced by breaking down the crystalline drug into nanocrystals and/or amorphous (non-crystalline) drug particles that are stabilized in a carrier system to maintain the drug in its activated form for the duration of its shelf life.

Biorise™ Bioavailability Enhancement Technology transforms crystalline drugs into nanocrystalline and amorphous forms within a polymeric network.

This approach transforms the original crystalline form of the drug into an amorphous and/or nanocrystalline, thermodynamically activated solid form—characterized by higher solubility—thereby enhancing the rate and extent of absorption in the gastrointestinal tract.

Advantages of BioriseTM Bioavailability Enhancement Technology
  • Can be applied to class II compounds with solubilities in the range of <10 to 500 μg/mL
  • May provide a faster onset of action, equivalent therapy at lower doses, and/or oral dosing of poorly soluble drugs, as well as reduced food effect for poorly soluble drugs
Creating NPEs

Two distinct proprietary activation systems are available to create NPEs—high-energy mechano-chemical activation (HEMA) and solvent-induced activation (SIA). These systems convert drugs to their thermodynamically activated state. Additionally, they provide flexibility and enable the technology to be applied to a range of compounds with different characteristics.

Solid state and liquid state activation systems can transform your drugs into highly stabilized forms.