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Customized Drug Release

Adare Pharmaceuticals offers a variety of technologies to customize drug-release profiles. These profiles can be combined to improve efficacy, enhance safety, and reduce dosing frequency—resulting in improved convenience and increased patient acceptability.

Our range of drug-release profiles includes:

  • Timed sustained release: Achieves therapeutic effect by maintaining drug levels over a period of time, while reducing the side effects associated with peak plasma concentrations
  • Rapid onset with extended release: Enables immediate pulse of a portion of the active ingredient, while the remainder is released over an extended time period
  • Timed pulsatile release: Enables the drug to be released in pulses or waves, separated by defined time intervals
  • Delayed release: Allows the delayed onset of drug release (ie, minimizes drug release in the stomach and rapidly delivers the drug upon exposure to a certain pH in the gastrointestinal [GI] tract)
  • Chronotherapeutic release: Facilitates drug delivery at time intervals that coincide with changes in biorhythms such as circadian rhythm
  • Targeted delivery: Targets drug release in specific regions of the GI tract, optimizing drug absorption and efficacy

Learn more about our customized drug release technologies:

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