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Taste Masking and ODTs

AdvaTab® Orally Disintegrating Tablets (ODTs)

AdvaTab® tablets incorporate coated drug particles that are uniformly dispersed in a low-moisture, rapidly disintegrating matrix. Each ODT is formulated to achieve an acceptable taste, a disintegration time of approximately 30 seconds or less, and desired release profile. Additionally, AdvaTab® enables rapid disintegration in the mouth without water. AdvaTab® tablets have been formulated to be bioequivalent to immediate release (IR) reference listed drugs (RLDs).

AdvaTab® Orally Disintegrating Tablets can incorporate Microcaps® Taste Masking Technology

Advantages of AdvaTab® Orally Disintegrating Tablets
  • Ideal for patients who have difficulty swallowing, especially pediatric, geriatric, and dysphagic patients
  • Opportunity to combine AdvaTab® with Microcaps® and Diffucaps® to create IR or controlled-release ODTs
  • Can be used in a variety of therapeutic areas, such as oncology, pain, CNS, and gastrointestinal
  • Robust tablets are suitable for multiple-packaging configurations, including push-through blister packs
  • Patented manufacturing process and formulations
  • High drug-loading capability—up to 500 mg