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Taste Masking and ODTs

Microcaps® Taste Masking Technology

This technology achieves a uniform and efficient drug particle (crystal, granulate, or liquid) coating and may enhance overall patient adherence by improving the product’s acceptability.

How Microcaps® Taste Masking Technology works

Microencapsulation technology employs versatile and precise coating techniques to encapsulate individual drug particles. This process uses coacervation (ie, phase separation) and can also incorporate a spray-coating process, creating polymeric membranes of varying degrees of porosity and thickness to completely encapsulate drug-containing particles. The membrane improves taste by forming a barrier between the drug and taste buds in the mouth.

How Pore-Former Technology works

The taste masking membrane may comprise at least one gastrosoluble organic, inorganic, or polymeric pore-former.

The gastrosoluble pore-former of the taste masking membrane, being insoluble at saliva pH, provides effective taste masking when placed in the oral cavity; however, the pore-former rapidly dissolves upon entry into the stomach for rapid release of the drug from coated/taste masked drug particles, thereby enhancing the probability of success in achieving bioequivalence to an immediate release (IR) reference listed drug (RLD).

Advantages of Microcaps® Taste Masking Technology
  • Effective taste masking while achieving rapid dissolution by incorporating gastrosoluble pore-former(s)
  • Multiple dosage form options
  • Smooth, pleasant mouthfeel with no aftertaste
  • Encourages patient adherence
  • Immediate or customized release profiles
  • Ability to directly coat crystals, liquids, or granules
Available in versatile dosage forms
  • Orally disintegrating tablets (ODTs)—have been formulated in dosage strengths up to 500 mg
  • Chewable tablets
  • Rapidly disintegrating tablets (RDTs)—facilitate delivery of higher-dosage strengths of up to 1500 mg
  • Sprinkles, dry sachets, and stick packs
  • Powder for extemporaneous suspensions